Pre-Eclampsia & Other Pregnancy Complications: What Women Need to Know – Podcast Ep 127

While pregnancy is a miracle, there are times when it can be uncomfortable and not so glamorous. People hear about morning sickness and swollen feet, but not necessarily about pregnancy complications. Pregnant women need to know what is normal and abnormal in pregnancy so they can know what to look for regarding any concerns. One of the first tips today’s guest shared on this episode is choosing a primary care provider you like and trust. Having a good relationship with your doctor or midwife and having continuity of care throughout your pregnancy can help you have a healthier pregnancy.

We learned a lot of insightful tips from our special guest, Dr. Alison Cowan. If you are interested in learning more about pre-eclampsia, tips for self-advocacy, common pregnancy complications and what to look for, this episode is for you!

Who is Dr. Alison Cowan?

Dr. Alison Cowan is an OBGYN, a mom of three (ages 10, 7, and 3), and the Head of Medical Affairs for Mirvie. Mirvie is a maternal health company pioneering a new way for women, expecting parents, and their doctors to predict potential pregnancy complications early on.

Alison attended Emory University Medical School, where she also received a master’s in clinical research before moving on to do her OBGYN residency at Northwestern University. With over a decade of bedside experience, Alison has delivered hundreds of babies. She is now on a mission to help change the status quo for pregnancy health. She is passionate about sharing tips for self-advocacy, having the healthiest pregnancy possible, and advocating for change and equity in pregnancy health at every opportunity. Alison resides in Colorado with her husband, Patrick, and three children.

What Did We Discuss?

In this episode, we chat with Alison about the facts behind common pregnancy complications, like pre-eclampsia, how women can advocate for themselves during pregnancy, and equity in pregnancy health. Here are several of the questions that we covered in our conversation:

  • What steps can women take to ensure they have the healthiest pregnancy possible?
  • Why is self-advocacy an important part of a woman’s pregnancy?
  • What tips do you have for self-advocacy during pregnancy?
  • What are some common pregnancy complications? And what symptoms should women look for?
  • Can you tell us more about the science and facts behind some of these common pregnancy complications?
  • How common is pre-eclampsia?
  • What causes pre-eclampsia? Can it be prevented?
  • Are some women at a higher risk for developing pre-eclampsia than others?
  • What are the symptoms of pre-eclampsia?
  • Does pre-eclampsia go away after delivery?
  • I know you advocate for equity in pregnancy health. Can you elaborate on this and what it means?

Dr. Cowan’s passion and knowledge about women’s health is evident in this episode. We learned some helpful information that can help every person have a healthier pregnancy. We hope you learned something new, too! Cheers to healthy pregnancies!

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