844| Two Mom Family Tackles IUI & IVF + 3 Epidural Hospital Birth Stories – Kelsey Whitham

Kelsey loves nothing more than sharing her birth stories with anyone who wants to listen. In this episode, she shares the birth stories of each of her three children. Using an anonymous sperm donor, her and her wife completed 8 IUI cycles before becoming pregnant with their son. A fairly normal pregnancy followed by a medicated, hospital birth at 39 weeks. 

When they decided to try again, they were faced with secondary infertility. For two years, they endured unsuccessful IUIs, three IVF retrievals, a miscarriage and many failed transfers. After changing fertility clinics, they were thrilled to learn they would have another baby boy. An unexpected gestational diabetes diagnosis threw her for a bit of a loop, but a pretty standard second pregnancy. At 38 weeks, baby boy was born after a medicated birth, in the hospital, 2 days before Christmas. 

They knew they wanted one more and with 3 healthy embryos waiting in the freezer, they tried again for number 3. After one failed transfer, they were again over the moon to find out that they were expecting a little girl. Another gestational diabetes diagnosis and lots of pelvic pain and pressure made for her roughest pregnancy. At 3 days shy of 40 weeks, her biggest baby arrived at the hospital after another medicated birth. 

Quite the rollercoaster and infertility journey, but now her family is complete, and all is as it should be. 

two mom family birth stories

Kelsey Whitham Bio

Kelsey has been married to her wife Mel for 9 years. She is the mother of three amazing kids, August (7.5), Dawson (3.5) and Marlow (15 months). She is a fourth-grade teacher in Western, MA where she also resides. She enjoys boating, swimming & floating on her lake in the summer. She can’t pass up a diet coke and loves to visit Barnes and Noble to sit on the floor and read children’s books. She loves her busy but fulfilling life as a full-time working mom. Connect with her on Instagram @kelseywhitham or via Email at kelseywhitham@gmail.com.


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