PopYum Silicone Training Cups With Lid and Straw

For parents of babies and toddlers moving out of the bottle phase, the thought of transitioning to a cup can be daunting. There’s no official instruction manual to guide us through the process, and there are so many options for training cups. It can be hard to choose! Luckily, we’ve recently tested one that we absolutely love and think you will, too: PopYum’s newly launched Silicone Training Cups with a lid and straw.

PopYum’s Silicone Training Cups are the perfect starter cups for kiddos. They make our job as parents much easier, and young children seem to love them. Here’s why we think these colorful, practical cups are a must!

Why We Love & Recommend PopYum’s Silicone Training Cups

PopYum’s newly launched Training Cups are designed for babies and toddlers who are transitioning from bottle (or breast) to cup. However, they’re versatile enough to remain a staple in your home long after the transitional phase. Here are six details we appreciate most about PopYum Silicone Training Cups and why we recommend them:

1. They’re Versatile and Still Appropriate as Your Child Grows

These training cups are 5 oz (or 150 ml), which is a great size for their little hands. They’re not too big or heavy for your child to hold, and the cups hold enough fluids to keep your little one hydrated and happy. The size is also great because they can stick with your child long after they’ve mastered the transition from bottle to cup. And, in our opinion, these cups don’t feel too “young” to hold on to for a while. They have a simple and cute style.

Toddler girl drinking from PopYum silicone cup

We also appreciate that these cups truly are versatile and usable throughout your child’s stages of development. Each set contains one cup with handles and one without, offering flexibility for handling preferences and capabilities. With both options to pick from at any given point, there’s always bound to be one that’s just right for your little one.

2. They Come in Tons of Cute Colors

All of the colors of the PopYum silicone cups

Just look at the beautiful, vibrant color options for PopYum’s Silicone Training Cups! Pink and green, pink and purple, blue and green, blue and pink, blue and orange . . . there’s a color for every child! The cup design is so appealing to kids, and we love the color variety of these two-pack sets.

3. You Can Use Them as an Open Cup or Straw Cup

Another win in terms of versatility is that your little one can use these as open cups or straw cups. While each cup comes with a lid and straw (and you can purchase replacements separately as needed), both pieces can be easily removed for independent drinking. Or, they can be kept in place for easy, mess-free use.

Showing the bumper on the straw on PopYum's silicone cups

We love PopYum’s attention to detail with the straw bumper, too. It ensures your child can’t remove the straw from the lid and make a mess! With the clear lid, kiddos can stay focused on drinking, and we can see when they need a refill (without taking apart the cup).

4. They’re Durable and Thoughtfully Designed

Baby boy in high chair drinking from a PopYum silicone cup

As parents, we have a lot to handle when it comes to our babies’ feeding journeys. Cleaning up spills shouldn’t take up any more of our energy than necessary! We love how durable and thoughtfully designed PopYum’s Silicone Training Cups are. Their wide base and bottom-heavy design minimize tipping and spillage. And the soft silicone material means inevitable drops won’t result in broken cups. The cups are also safe (and comfortable!) for developing gums and teeth. So, there’s no need to worry if you have a teething baby or a chomper or chewer. Like all PopYum products, the training cups are free of BPA and other harmful chemicals and materials, including BPS, PVC, latex, and phthalates.

5. You Can Use Them for More Than Just Drinking

Apart from being an ideal training cup for drinking, PopYum Silicone Training Cups can easily hold bite-sized snacks and toddler-friendly finger foods, too! We find these cups to be so convenient for drinking and eating purposes — both at home and on the go. They’re big enough to hold milk, water, yogurt, cut-up fruit and veggies, crackers, and so much more.

6. They’re Easy To Clean and Store

Hand pulling PopYum silicone cup into the dishwasher
Woman's hand putting the PopYum silicone cup in the microwave.

As busy parents who value convenience, we appreciate that PopYum Silicone Training Cups are safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. This makes it a breeze to customize the cups’ contents to our kiddos’ needs . . . and to clean them between uses! The high-quality, odor- and stain-resistant silicone keeps the cups like-new. Plus, they’re stackable and perfect for storing in any tight space, keeping your kitchen organized. This is especially helpful for those of us with multiple children — or younger babies still using bottles — who need all the space we can get in our cupboards. (But really, don’t we all need more space?) Practicality and ease of use are key here.

Little girl stacking the PopYum toddler cups

PopYum Silicone Training Cups: The Perfect Training Cup for Babies and Toddlers

We could go on and on about why we love PopYum — including its new Silicone Training Cups with a lid and straw. These cups are perfect for babies and toddlers transitioning from the bottle and learning to drink from an open and/or straw cup. We absolutely love the versatility, practicality, and durability the cup offers. And we have a feeling that you (and your kiddo!) will love it, too. Be sure to check them out here and order a set (or two) for your kiddo!

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