875| Redemptive Maternal Assisted Cesarean Birth after Profound Incontinence Following Vaginal Birth – Nicole Minghine

Nicole was supported by her healthcare team to have an empowering and redemptive elective maternal assisted cesarean birth with the birth of her second son, Harrison. The decision to pursue this option was following a traumatic first time vaginal birth with several postpartum complications (planned homebirth turned hospital transfer for prolonged rupture of membranes and prodromal labor after attempting an at home castor oil induction followed by multiple days of a long labor once at the hospital. Nicole then experiences a retained placenta and cervical laceration with attempt at manual removal of placenta followed by the cervical laceration being improperly repaired and healing abnormally. She ultimately needed a D&C which was followed by having a latex Foley catheter inserted despite a known latex allergy that was listed in her chart. In the months that followed Nicole experienced profound postpartum urinary incontinence requiring multiple interventions and procedures and ultimately a surgery to correct at 6 months postpartum which thankfully worked.  Nicole’s second pregnancy was complicated by a shortened cervix, ptsd, anxiety, and perinatal OCD but her maternal-assisted cesarean birth was the most empowering and redemptive experience she could’ve imagined.

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Nicole Minghine Bio

Nicole is a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife. Presently, she is a stay at home mom to her 2 children. Nicole lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband Josh and their 2 sons (Jude 2yo & Harrison 7w). Connect with her on Instagram @nminghine.

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  • Birth photography: Jennifer Mason 
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