835| Emergency C-Section & Healing Cesarean Birth after Ectopic Pregnancy – Merasha Jovez

Merasha is sharing the story of her 2 births and ectopic pregnancy.  Her first birth was planned to be an unmedicated hospital birth, but due to complications baby was born via c-section. Merasha struggled with breastfeeding and her mental health after the birth of her daughter while juggling her last undergrad course for her Bachelor’s degree just 2 weeks after the birth of her daughter. In the winter of 2021 Merasha and her husband learned they were unexpectedly pregnant. the pregnancy came during a time Merasha had a lapse in health insurance. unfortunately the pregnancy ended due to being ectopic and needing surgery, alone, because of strict visitor rules around covid. however, Merasha recovered and soon after she and her husband became pregnant again.

Merasha and her husband expected for pregnancy and birth to be uneventful; but baby had other plans. merasha went into labor 5 weeks early at work and was placed on bed rest in hopes to get her to full term, with a 2 year old at home. baby made his entrance about two weeks later via emergency c-section. baby number two went from being a planned c section, to a possible vbac to an emergency c section but due to more prepping, having a doula, and receiving therapy for her pregnancy and birth PTSD Merasha was able to have the redemption birth she dreamt of, even when all things didn’t go to plan. Connect with Merasha at @yagirlm on instagram.


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