The Top Baby Names and Trends of 2024

With the new year, we see rising naming trends among new parents. For the last several years, the trending baby names for boys and girls have stayed relatively the same. However, we predict that there may be some new contenders that could shake up those lists. These trending baby names for boys and girls are ready to take over 2024!

Look at some of the newest baby name trends that will influence 2024 girl and boy names. These five trends are what we expect to be the most popular in the new year. They are fun, exciting, and different!

Names that have been more often chosen for baby girls are rising in popularity for baby boys. “Harlow” and “Juno” are examples of what you will see more of for boys in 2024.

Strong, feminist names are making their way to the top in 2024 for girls. This is primarily due to the “Barbie” film released in 2023. We love “Billie” and “Halston” from this trend.

Adult or grown-up-sounding names are beating out unusual and unique names in 2024 for both genders. Expect to hear names like “Betty” or “Stanley” more often!

The “airy” or “atmospheric” name trend has risen since Kylie Jenner announced her son’s name. “Aire” and “Aura” are beautiful examples.

Social media influences pop culture names, and that’s where “natural glamour” came from. It promotes an unpretentious life with a stylish edge. Names like “Conrad” and “Estelle” follow this trend.

These were some of the most popular girl names in 2023. Many will keep their place for 2024, while others may be bumped.

1. Abigail — A Hebrew name meaning “my father is joyful.”

2. Amelia — This name means “work” in German.

3. Aria — Italian for “air” and Hebrew for “song” or “melody.”

4. Aurora — This Latin name means “dawn.”

5. Ava — Hebrew for “life” and Latin for “birdlike.”

6. Brooklyn — This name is inspired by the borough in New York City. It means “small stream” in English.

7. Charlotte — A French name meaning “free man.”

8. Chloe — This name means “young green shoot” in Greek.

9. Delilah — Hebrew and Arabic for “delicate.”

10. Eleanor – This name is derived from Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, the wife of King Louis VII of France. It means “famous wealth” in French.

11. Elizabeth — A Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God.”

12. Ella — German for “all” and English for “fairy maiden.”

13. Emma — The meaning of this name is “universal” in German.

14. Evelyn — French for “desired” and German for “water” or “island.”

15. Everly — This name means “wild boar in woodland clearing” in English.

16. Gabriella — An Italian name meaning “God is my strength.”

17. Gianna — This name means “the Lord is gracious” in Italian.

18. Grace — Latin for “favor” or “blessing.”

19. Hannah — The meaning of this name is “grace” in Hebrew.

20. Harper — This is an English occupational name for a harp player.

21. Hazel — This name means “the hazelnut tree” in English.

22. Iris — A Greek name meaning “rainbow.”

23. Isabella — This name means “pledged to God” in Italian and Spanish.

24. Isla — Scottish and Spanish for “island.”

25. Ivy — This is the English word for a climbing plant with yellow flowers.

26. Jade — Spanish for “stone of the side.”

27. Josie — An English name meaning “Jehovah increases.”

28. Kinsley — This name means “king’s meadow” in English.

29. Layla — Arabic for “night.”

30. Lily  — This is an English name for the flower of the same name, symbolizing purity.

31. Lucy — This name means “light” in English.

32. Luna — This name means “moon” in Latin.

33. Madison — An English name meaning “son of Matthew.”

34. Mia — In Italian, this name means “mine.”

35. Mila — Slavic for “gracious” and Russian for “dear.”

36. Natalie — This name means “birthday of the Lord” in French.

37. Nova — A Latin name meaning “new.”

38. Olivia — Latin for “olive tree.”

39. Paisley — This name means “church” or “cemetery” in Scottish.

40. Penelope — This name means “weaver” in Greek.

41. Riley — English for “rye clearing” and Irish for “courageous.”

42. Savannah — This is a Spanish name for a flat tropical grassland.

43. Scarlett — English for “red.”

44. Serenity — In Latin, this name means “peaceful.”

45. Sofia — A Greek name meaning “wisdom.”

46. Stella — This name means “star” in Latin.

47. Valentina — Latin for “strength” or “health.”

48. Violet — In Latin, this name means “purple.”

49. Willow — This is an English name for a willow tree.

50. Zoey — A Greek name meaning “life.”

In 2023, we saw some boy names rise in popularity while others fell out of their top spot. How many of these baby names do you think will be trending in 2024?

1. Adam — A Hebrew name meaning “son of the red earth.”

2. Aidan — Irish for “little and fiery.”

3. Alexander — This name means “defending men” in Greek.

4. Amir — Arabic for “prince” and Hebrew for “treetop.”

5. Asher — This name means “fortunate” or “blessed” in Hebrew.

6. Benjamin — A Hebrew name meaning “son of the right hand.”

7. Caleb – This Hebrew name can mean “dog” or “whole heart.”

8. Carter — This is an English occupational name for someone who drives a cart.

9. Cooper — This is an English occupational name for a barrel maker.

10. Daniel — Hebrew for “God is my judge.”

11. Elijah — This name means “Yahweh is God” in Hebrew.

12. Ethan — In Hebrew, this name means “strong” or “firm.”

13. Ezra — A Hebrew name meaning “help.”

14. Gabriel — This name means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.

15. Grayson — English for “son of the bailiff.”

16. Henry — This German name means “estate ruler.”

17. Hudson — An English name meaning “Hugh’s son.”

18. Isaac — The meaning of this name is “laughter” in Hebrew.

19. Isaiah — Hebrew for “salvation of the Lord.”

20. Jackson — In English, this name means “son of Jack.”

21. James — A Hebrew name meaning “supplanter.”

22. Josiah — Hebrew for “God supports or heals.”

23. Kai — This Hawaiian name means “sea.”

24. Levi — This name means “joined” or “attached” in Hebrew.

25. Liam — An Irish name meaning “resolute protection.”

26. Lincoln — This name means “town by the pool” in English.

27. Logan — Scottish for “small hollow.”

28. Lucas — In Latin, this name means “man from Lucania.”

29. Mason — This is an English occupational name for a stone worker.

30. Mateo — Spanish for “gift of God.”

31. Maverick — This American name means “independent” or “non-conformist” in English.

32. Miles — An English name meaning “soldier or merciful.”

33. Muhammad — Arabic for “praiseworthy.”

34. Nathan — This name means “given” in Hebrew.

35. Nolan — This name means “champion” in Irish.

36. Oliver — A Latin name meaning “olive tree.”

37. Owen — Welsh name for “young warrior” or “well born.”

38. Roman — This name is of Latin origin and means “citizen of Rome.”

39. Rowan — Scottish for “rowan tree” and Irish for “little redhead.”

40. Ryan — An Irish name meaning “little king.”

41. Samuel — This name means “told by God” in Hebrew.

42. Sebastian — This name means “person from the ancient city of Sebastia” in Latin.

43. Theo — Greek for “gift of God.”

44. Thomas — This name means “twin” in Greek.

45. Waylon — An English name meaning “land beside the road.”

46. Wesley — This English name means “western meadow.”

47. William — German for “resolute protection.”

48. Wyatt — This name means “brave in war” in English.

49. Xavier — Basque for “new house.”

50. Zion — A Hebrew name meaning “highest point.”

We expect these trending baby names to be some of the most used girl names in 2024. There are several fantastic baby girl names from all sorts of trends if you’re expecting a girl in 2024.

1. Agnes — This name means “pure” or “virginal” in Greek.

2. Alora — Hebrew for “the Lord is my light.”

3. Arwen — This name means “noble maiden” in Sindarin, a language created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

4. Aura — A Greek name meaning “soft breeze.”

5. Betty — This name means “pledged to God” in Hebrew.

6. Billie — English for “resolute protection.”

7. Brisa — A Spanish name meaning “breeze.”

8. Calliope — In Greek, this name means “beautiful voice.”

9. Celestial — This name means “of the heavens, planets, or stars” in Latin.

10. Celia — Latin for “heavenly.”

11. Clover — An Old English flower name that means “key.”

12. Constance — This name means “steadfastness” in English.

13. Daphne — Greek for “laurel tree” or “bay tree.”

14. Dorothea — In Greek, this name means “gift of God.”

15. Dove — This is an English name for the bird, meaning “peace.”

16. Estelle — A French name meaning “star.”

17. Felicity — This name means “good fortune” or “happy” in Latin.

18. Florence — Latin for “flourishing” or “prosperous.”

19. Gaia — This name means “earth mother” in Greek and “rejoicing” in Latin.

20. Greta — This name means “pearl” in German.

21. Guinevere – A Welsh name meaning “white shadow” or “white wave.”

22. Halston — In English, this name means “hallowed stone.”

23. Helen — Greek for “torch” or “shining light.”

24. Juniper — This is a Latin tree name meaning “young.”

25. Kiara — An English name meaning “bright” or “famous.”

26. Lainey — French and Scottish for “bright shining one.”

27. Lavender — This name means “purple flower” in English.

28. Lois — The meaning of this name is “most desirable” in Greek.

29. Lulu — An Arabic name meaning “pearl.”

30. Marian — French for “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.”

31. Mavis — In French, this name means “songbird.”

32. Maxine — This name means “greatest” in Latin.

33. Millie — An English name meaning “gentle strength.”

34. Noelani — Hawaiian for “heavenly mist.”

35. Octavia — This name means “eighth” in Latin.

36. Petra — This name means “rock” or “stone” in Greek.

37. Poppy — English for “red flower.”

38. Prescott — This English name means “priest’s cottage.”

39. Rita — Spanish for “pearl” and Hindi for “truth and order.”

40. Ruby — This is a Latin name for a precious red gemstone.

41. Sage — Latin for “wise.” It is also the name of an herb.

42. Soleil — This name means “sun” in French.

43. Sylvia — A Latin name meaning “from the forest.”

44. Talia — Hebrew for “gentle dew from heaven.”

45. Tallulah — This name means “leaping water” in Choctaw and “lady of abundance” in Irish.

46. Theodora — In Greek, this name means “gift of God.”

47. Una — Latin for “one,” Irish for “lamb,” and Old Norse for “happy.”

48. Vera — A Russian name meaning “faith.”

49. Vienna — An English name and the capital city of Austria.

50. Winnie — Welsh for “blessed peacemaking.”

As for baby boy names in 2024, we will see many new, creative options rise. Consider one of these trending baby names if you are expecting a boy in 2024.

1. Aero — This name means “of the sky” in Greek.

2. Alfred — English for “wise counselor” or “elf counsel.”

3. Archie — A Scottish name meaning “truly brave.”

4. Azure — This is an English name for sky blue.

5. Bear — This is an English name referring to the animal. It is derived from an Old English word that means “brown.”

6. Cade — This name means “round” or “barrel” in English.

7. Chase — A French name meaning “to hunt.”

8. Chosen — The name means “one who is the object of choice or divine favor” in English.

9. Cillian — Irish for “war strife” or “church.”

10. Colter — This is an English occupational name for a colt herder.

11. Conrad — A German name meaning “brave counsel.”

12. Darwin — This name means “dear friend” in English.

13. Duncan — This name means “dark warrior” in Scottish.

14. Everest – English for “dweller on the Eure River.”

15. Florian — A Latin name meaning “flowering.”

16. Forest – This is a French occupational name for a woodsman.

17. Franklin — English for “free landholder.”

18. Fox — A Middle English nickname for someone who is clever or has red hair.

19. Galen — This name means “calm” or “healer” in Greek.

20. Guy — French for “guide” or “leader.”

21. Harlow — This name means “rock hill” or “army hill” in English.

22. Harold — A Scandinavian name meaning “army ruler.”

23. Harris — In English, this name means “son of Harry.”

24. Hayes — This name means “hedged area” in English.

25. Heath — English for “the heathland dweller.”

26. Jetson — An English name meaning “son of Jordan.”

27. Jett — In French, this name means “black.”

28. Juno — Latin for “queen of the heavens.”

29. Kenzo — This name means “strong and healthy” in Japanese.

30. Koa — A Hawaiian name meaning “warrior.”

31. Lionel — This name means “young lion” in Latin.

32. Lorcan — In Irish, this name means “little” and “fierce.”

33. Magnus — This Scandinavian name means “greatest.”

34. Mauricio — Spanish for “dark-skinned.”

35. Merrick — This name means “fame” or “power” in Welsh.

36. Morgan — A Welsh name meaning “sea born,” “sea song,” or “sea circle.”

37. Oren — Hebrew for “laurel or pine tree.”

38. Orson — This name means “bear cub” in Latin and English.

39. Rafe — An English name meaning “wolf counsel.”

40. Roland — German for “famous throughout the land.”

41. Stanley — This name means “near the stony clearing” in English.

42. Storm — English for “tempest.”

43. Sunny — An English word name for sunshine.

44. Sylvester — In Latin, this name means “wood” or “forest.”

45. Tate — Norse for “cheerful.”

46. Thaddeus — A Greek name meaning “heart.”

47. Torin — This Irish name means “chief.”

48. Valentino — This name means “strength” or “health” in Latin.

49. Wren — English for “small bird.”

50. Zephyr — A Greek name meaning “west wind.”

Hottest Baby Names of 2024

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