The Mom Chop: How to Style Your Short Hair

I recently shared my postpartum hair journey and how I had lost quite a bit of hair after having my kids. If you experienced postpartum hair loss, you know what I’m talking about. My hair and my hairline had become two of my biggest insecurities. Now that my kids are a little older, I have a little more time and decided at the beginning of the year that I was ready to prioritize my hair health. I made some changes and decided to cut a significant amount of my hair off. I also started a new hair renewal journey using Viviscal hair growth products. Here’s what I’ve been using, my experience, and the cute and creative ways I style my short hair!

The Mom Chop

There’s a reason why there’s a stereotype of moms cutting their hair short. Some moms cut their hair short because caring for long hair can be a chore. If you don’t want to put your hair in a mom bun every day, washing, blow drying, and styling your long hair can be time-consuming. And when you’re chasing tiny humans and caring for a household, usually, the last thing on your priority list is styling your long hair. And if you are like me, you might not have as much hair as you did after you had kids.

After I had my second child, I noticed that my long hair was looking thinner and stringy, and it would appear greasy a lot quicker. Those are the last things I wanted for my hair. I wanted healthy-looking hair that I could quickly blow dry, style, and look cute without dedicating much extra time. That’s why I decided to do “the mom chop” and started my new hair renewal routine to get fuller, thicker-looking hair. Just because I now have short hair doesn’t mean I don’t want to have thick, voluminous hair. I do! That’s why I’m treating this as a new beginning and doing the right things to take better care of my hair.

Cute Hair Styles for Short Hair

Now that it’s been a couple of months of using Viviscal’s Hair Growth Supplements, I can already see more little hairs beginning to sprout, and my hair is appearing fuller and feeling healthy! I’m going to continue using their hair growth supplements, especially since it’s recommended to take them for six months for optimal results. Already, I’ve been able to confidently style my hair in new and cute ways without feeling insecure about my hairline or afraid that my hair won’t look full. I can’t wait to see my results in a few more months and wear these cute hairstyles for our upcoming trip to Maui. Here are some cute ways I like to style my short hair. They take minimal effort but take your hair game to the next level!

Mini Mom Buns

Step by step tutorial of how to do mini mom buns. Woman is showing how to do half up top buns in her hair and showing Viviscal supplement.

Instead of throwing your hair up in one messy mom bun, why not do this cute look?! Just part your hair in the middle, pull it half up into two ponytails, flip them inside out, then pull a bun through and use bobby pins to hold. It’s as if the space buns and mom bun had a baby.

Double Half-Up

Step-by-step picture tutorial on how to do a double half-up hairstyle with short hair.

I like wearing my hair half-up with short hair, so this is a clever way to add some extra style. Just put it half up twice! Then, flip them through and pull to secure and style.

Pigtail Flips

Step-by-step picture tutorial on how to do a stylish pigtails hairstyle on short hair.

This uses the same technique as the previous short hairstyle, but do it as pigtails! This is an excellent style for short hair when you are out with the kids at the park, the zoo, or any kid activity.

School Girl Style

Step-by-step photos of how to do a cute hairstyle for short hair.

I love this sweet look. It’s a cute hairstyle for school drop-off or pick-up! Your hair will stay out of your face, and you will surely get compliments.

Fuller Claw Clip Hack

Step-by-step pictures of how to make short hair look fuller in a claw clip. Claw clip hair hack.

With short hair, you might be afraid that your hairstyle in a claw clip might look tiny and thin. I love this hair hack because it makes this style look more voluminous for short hair. I recommend adding some Viviscal Dry Shampoo for more texture, too! This is a go-to look for the day when your hair needs to be washed.

Bubble Braid

Picture tutorial on how to do a bubble braid with short hair.

Instead of a standard braid, which can be challenging to do with short hair, try this bubble braid. It adds volume and dimension, which I love!

Aren’t these styles so cute?! My hair wouldn’t have looked this healthy in these styles a few months ago. I’m really seeing a difference in my hair with my new hair renewal plan using Viviscal products. Since I’ve been using their products for the past couple of months, I am pleased with my experience and can tell that they really know hair health. I’ll be continuing my hair renewal journey because it’s recommended to take Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements for at least three months for thicker hair and less shedding.* If you’re ready to invest in taking better care of your hair, I highly recommend joining me on this healthy hair journey and trying them out!

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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