Navigating Mommy Burnout & Reclaiming Motherhood with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler – Podcast Ep 131

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Every mother knows that motherhood is the best yet most demanding job on the planet. As a mother myself, it’s a role that I am so grateful for every day, and it’s the role that requires the majority of my patience and energy. Being responsible for little people, remembering all the details to keep our family running, and keeping everything in order can be exhausting. With less help available and high pressure on moms to do it all, it’s no wonder that there is a loneliness epidemic going on right now.

Mothers are oftentimes the default parent, and many of them, if not receiving the right support and time for self-care, are feeling burnt out. Mommy burnout is a real thing. Our guest today knows this all too well because she termed this diagnosis and, as a psychologist, has been counseling overwhelmed, exhausted, and lonely mothers. Her name is Dr. Sheryl Ziegler.

Who is Dr. Sheryl Ziegler?

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler is a self-proclaimed “Motherhood Maven” and a Doctor of Psychology specializing in children and families. For over a decade, Dr. Sheryl has led over 10,000 face-to-face sessions focused on “mommy burnout” and its related issues, including anxiety, depression, and divorce. Sheryl is a familiar face on television, contributes to multiple online and print publications, and in February 2018, she published her popular book Mommy Burnout.

Mommy burnout book cover

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On a more personal note, Dr. Sheryl is originally from New York but currently lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

What Did We Discuss?

In this episode, we chat with Dr. Sheryl about mommy burnout and how to navigate and reclaim your life, all while raising healthy and happy children. Here are several of the questions that we covered in our conversation:

  • How would you define “mommy burnout” to someone unfamiliar with the term?
  • What are some signs that someone might be experiencing mommy burnout?
  • We live in a society that holds high standards for parents, especially moms. How do these societal expectations and pressures contribute to mommy burnout?
  • While sometimes fun, social media can be another major source of stress for moms. How does comparison culture impact moms and contribute to burnout?
  • How important is setting boundaries in managing burnout? How do you recommend moms start this process?
  • How can partners, family, and friends support a mom who is experiencing burnout?
  • When a mom is burnt out, how does that affect the rest of the family?
  • What strategies do you find most effective in preventing and managing mommy burnout?
  • What is one piece of encouragement or advice you would offer to a mom who is feeling overwhelmed and defeated in motherhood?

It’s a great episode! Dr. Sheryl shares so many wonderful stories and tips that I believe every mother can benefit from. If you’re a mother who is feeling burnt out, I invite you to download this free printable checklist to help you prioritize your needs and start on the path to feeling better.

Daily Well Mom Checklist

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Mentioned in the episode:

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