Alphabet Activities: Family Adventures for Every Letter

Out with the old, in with the new. Experiences, that is. I don’t know about you, but I love planning outings as often as possible with my little crew. After all, my kiddos will only be young once — so time is of the essence. Now is the perfect time to create a bucket list everyone in the family can knock out together. Why not strive to enjoy activities for every letter of the alphabet this year? With an alphabet adventure challenge, you can do just that.

Family-Friendly Alphabet Activities To Try This Year

Whether your kiddos are of letter-learning age or you want a guided path to spending more quality time together this year, this alphabet challenge is one way to make the year memorable (and have fun with letters)! Here’s an A-Z list for inspiration. I hope your family loves these alphabet activities!

1. Aquarium

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have one right in your hometown. Or you might have to travel a bit to get to the nearest location. Regardless, the aquarium is fun for all ages. With endless sensory stimuli and a calm, relaxed atmosphere, even your littlest family members can enjoy this activity.

Alternatives: Art gallery, aerospace museum, amusement park

2. Botanical Garden

A plant-lover’s oasis. Whether you’re a green thumb family or want to try something different together, visiting a botanical garden can be a magical experience for anyone. And if you live in a four-season climate as I do, a day at the botanical garden is an especially appreciated outing during the dreary months.

Alternatives: Beach, baseball game, berry picking, bird sanctuary, bookstore

3. Candy Factory Tour

Boy Shopping For Candies In Candy Shop

This alphabet activity is any child’s dream! You might not make it into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but you can pretend you’re there. Contact a nearby chocolate factory or candy shop for personal or group tours. There’s a good chance you’ll leave with a treat or two in hand to satisfy your sweet tooth, so make sure to go with an appetite.

Alternatives: College sporting event, carnival, children’s museum, camping, carousel

4. Drive-in Movie Theater

While not as common today, drive-ins are a must when possible. Load the car with the kids, snacks, cozy blankets, and voila! It is a low-key outing everyone will remember.

Alternatives: Dairy farm, dinosaur exhibit, doughnut shop, dolphin cruise

5. Earth Day Event

Even if you can’t tackle this one on the day itself, many communities hold Earth Day events before and after throughout April. Think tree planting, litter pickup, etc. Community involvement, fresh air, science learning, and giving back all in one . . . you can’t beat it.

Alternatives: Escape room, extreme sports event, entertainment complex, exotic animal show

6. Flower Farm

White Hispanic girl playing among lavender in the sunset sun. High quality photo

Visiting the flower farm is a favorite for my family each summer. It’s an experiential, purposeful alphabet activity to take home a beautiful bouquet. Not to mention a dreamy backdrop for a family photo opportunity!

Alternatives: Fire station, football game, fireworks, family photo session

7. Gem Mining

One of my fondest memories from childhood is going gem mining. Authentic caverns often feature hands-on opportunities, but gemstone panning at farms, festivals, and other family destinations is another option. A unique outing for little explorers!

Alternatives: Geocaching, garden store, go-karting

8. Historical Reenactment

History enthusiasts or not, families of all sorts can enjoy historical reenactments. These reproductions of historical events turn back time to fuse entertainment, insight, and a brief departure from the modern everyday environment. Plus, they make for fascinating conversations afterward.

Alternatives: History museum, historic monuments, hockey game, horseback riding, holiday parade, hot air balloon show, hayride

9. Ice Skating

little boy and girl ice skating together in winter snow, kids winter sport

Indoor or outdoor. Pick a rink, lace up, and prepare for some active fun. It is a low-cost, exhilarating alphabet activity that will become a cherished memory for years.

Alternatives: Ice cream shop, interview grandparents

10. Jump at a Trampoline Park

Another excellent option for burning energy and having fun. Whether you’ve got older children or toddlers, trampoline parks often have open hours for all age groups. Remember to pack your grippy socks!

Alternatives: Jazz concert, jet ski

11. Kids’ Play Museum or Play Cafe

Kids’ play museums and play cafes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Where else can you find a space dedicated solely to children? While play museums are explicitly designed for youth, they offer plenty of fun for the whole family.

Alternatives: Fly kites, kayak, kitten cafe (yes, this is a thing!)

12. Llama Farm

Animal lovers rejoice with this alphabet activity! Llamas are quirky, unique, and, dare I say, downright adorable. A visit to a llama farm will bring plenty of smiles.

Alternatives: Lawn and garden shop, a day at the lake, live performance

13. Make-and-Take Class

Top view of a two kids hands making jugs in pottery-wheel.

If there’s an art studio in your community, there’s a good chance it offers DIY classes for kiddos and adults alike. Pottery spinning, painting, beading; get creative with this hands-on outing.

Alternatives: Market (farmers, craft vendor, etc.), military park, movie theater

14. Nature Preserve

Nature preserves (or nature centers) are a must for outdoorsy families like mine. They provide a simple yet beloved family experience. Make a day out of it with bird watching, hiking, and more. Nature treasure hunts, anyone? Yes, please!

Alternatives: National park, nursery, nature hike

15. Observatory

There’s a lot to explore, and discovering incredible sights through a telescopic lens is a one-of-a-kind experience. For this alphabet activity, find an observatory near you to take a closer look at terrestrial, marine, or celestial events. For an added educational element, some facilities even offer guided tours.

Alternatives: Orchestra, visit the ocean, orchard (for apple picking)

16. Power Plant

If you’ve never been to a hydroelectric power plant, you’ll want to add it to your must-do list. These unique facilities feature many educational activities, such as tours, exhibits, and lookouts. Hands-on STEM learning at its finest!

Alternatives: Planetarium, putt-putt (mini golf), playground hop, picnic, pumpkin patch

17. Quality Time

A father and mother ride mountain bikes together with their two small children. A fun way to spend time together and exercise while on vacation in the Seattle, Washington area.

Think of this one as your free spot. Pick something you think your family will enjoy, and do it! From easy, local spots to faraway adventures, the possibilities are endless.

Alternatives: Quizzes or trivia, make a family quilt, play 20 questions

18. Road Trip

There’s no time like the present to pack up the family and take that road trip you’ve had on your bucket list year after year. A quick weekend getaway or cross-country venture, make your next road trip one to remember with spontaneous pit stops, detours, and sightseeing. You only live once.

Alternatives: Roller skating, ropes course, random acts of kindness

19. Science Museum

Natural history, outer space, and cultural artifact exhibits are just a sliver of what you might stumble upon here with this alphabet activity. There’s always something new to discover at the science museum — for first-timers and season-pass families. Many science museums also have children’s play areas — so little ones’ imaginations can run loose.

Alternatives: State park, stadium event, symphony performance, sledding

20. Train Ride or Museum

A young Caucasian woman with her school-aged stepson at a history museum, looking at the objects with admiration. 3/4 length image, shot through the glass, both looking away.

Trust me on this one. Be it a scenic day trip to enjoy the fall foliage or a one-hour “Polar Express”-like expedition, book a train ride for the ultimate family adventure. Check your local train station or train museum for seasonal offerings.

Alternatives: Theater, tree farm, theme park, thrift store

21. Upscale Restaurant

Whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply for the sake of the experience, make a kids-included reservation at an upscale restaurant. Encourage everyone to get dressed up, enjoy new foods and practice etiquette. A fun, fancy twist to your regularly scheduled family programming.

Alternatives: Ultimate frisbee, underground shopping center, uphill hike

22. Volunteer

No matter how young or old, we can all learn a lot by giving back to others in the community. Depending on where you live, consider planning a family day of volunteering at a food bank, nursing home, or children’s hospital, among other possibilities for this alphabet activity. Try to step out of your comfort zone here!

Alternatives: Vacation somewhere new, vegetable stand, visit out-of-town loved ones

23. Walking Tour

Two multi-ethnic families with young children visiting a park, with tour guide.

Have you ever taken a walking tour (guided or self-led) of your town or city? If not, you might be surprised by the wealth of information to be gained by doing so. Or, branch out and pick a new city or town to explore on foot with the family.

Alternatives: Visit a waterfront, walk a 5K, go window shopping, see a waterfall, whale watch, waterpark

24. “X Marks the Spot” Scavenger Hunt

Many large cities offer planned scavenger hunts throughout the year. Do some research and see if you can complete one as a family. Or, get creative and plan your own utilizing popular public landmarks and locations.

Alternatives: “Xmas” market, village or festival, xylophone performance, “X-country” (cross-country) skiing

25. Yard Sale Shopping

AKA a day of treasure hunting. Give each kiddo a budget, map out a route, and see what useful or unique items you can find. This is one of those alphabet activities that is also a leisurely way to get some steps and fresh air.

Alternatives: Yurt camping, yoga class, youth and family recreational events

26. Zoo

An African-American family with three children visiting the zoo, at a window looking into a large primate exhibit, watching a gorilla. The boy is 10 years old and the girls are 7 and 9. The parents are in their 30s.

Sure, there’s a high likelihood you’ve already been to — or even frequented — the zoo. In that case, why not try a new one? Or, elevate your typical zoo outing with an animal encounter. Many zoos offer hands-on, interactive experiences to get families up close and personal with various zoo inhabitants.

Alternatives: Zumba class, zip line, zoo lights

The new year is here, and there’s no time like the present to plan for it to be exciting. Aiming to knock out as many alphabet activities as possible this year is a foolproof way. Perhaps you’re a group always on the hunt for a new adventure as it is — or maybe you’re hoping to up your outing game going forward. Whatever the case is, I hope this A-Z list of kid- and adult-approved ABC activities helps you build your ultimate family bucket list this year!