912| Magical Hospital Birth Story After Teratoma Surgery During Pregnancy – Sophie

After a challenging pregnancy that included a bad case of covid, pubic symphysis disorder, low blood pressure that resulted in fainting episodes, surgery at 16 weeks to remove a teratoma the size of a softball, a positive GBS test, and going 12 days past her due date, Sophie gave birth to her son in a tub at a magical hospital in rural Vermont. The birth was everything Sophie could have hoped for — extremely low-intervention, drug free, and most importantly, attended and supported by the most wonderful team of midwives, nurses, husband, and doula. It was an empowering and redemptive experience. Sophie’s postpartum has not been without challenges, but it has mostly been defined by joy and love. Sophie lives with her husband, son, and dog in Vermont. You can leave a comment on this post to connect with her.


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