890| Long and Difficult First Birth and Postpartum Followed by Fast Birth and Redemptive Postpartum – Blair Lamb [part 1]

Blair’s first pregnancy was textbook: some nausea and aches and pains, but overall beautiful and easy. When it came time to give birth, she expected a difficult but straightforward experience as well. Instead, she faced a long labor, a dangerous velamentous cord insertion, a nuchal arm, a retained placenta, a third degree tear, and a severe postpartum hemorrhage. Unfortunately, her postpartum recovery came with its own set of challenges, which resulted in profound depression and anxiety, stitches that wouldn’t heal properly, and three follow-up vaginal surgeries/procedures. It took close to 8 months before she felt “normal” again!

Getting pregnant a second time was a test of faith. Blair went through intensive EMDR therapy to process and heal from the trauma of her first birth and postpartum. Her second pregnancy was harder, but her very quick precipitous labor, smooth water birth, and quick postpartum recovery were incredibly redemptive.

Blair is passionate about women advocating for their health throughout their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys and has a special heart for women who are deeply struggling in their postpartum recoveries.

Blair Lamb Bio

Blair is a devoted wife and mother of two. She lives in Texas and runs an online shop, BlairLambDesign.com, shares her life journey with over 74k subscribers on YouTube (youtube.com/c/blairlamb), and has written hundreds of blog posts on her blog, BlairBlogs.com. She’s also on Instagram at @BlairBlogs!



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