873| Single Mom by Choice Shares Hospital Birth Story after International IVF Pregnancy during Wartime – Angelina Lucento [part 1]

Pregnant via IVF at age 40, Angelina traveled from Russia (via Finland) to the United States to give birth in a city with family support. The physical aspects of pregnancy had been uneventful, save for a low lying placenta that resolved itself well before labor. Labor started naturally at 38 weeks and 6 days with the early morning loss of her mucus plug. Patterned contractions soon set in, but after being admitted to labor and delivery at 4 cm, things stalled out. With the introduction of Pitocin and an epidural, labor once again progressed swiftly, but took a serious downturn during the second and third stages. Fetal distress, a third degree tear, a massive hemorrhage from an “oddly adherent” IVF placenta, and newborn meconium aspiration syndrome with a thirteen day NICU stay, led to a challenging postpartum that Angelina describes as “a tangled bundle of trauma, grief, beauty, and humor.” 

Angelina Lucento Bio

Angelina lives in Durham, North Carolina and Eastern Europe with her son Solomon (9 months). Connect with her via Instagram @angelinalucento.


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