861| Redemptive 2nd Birth of a Large Baby following Change of Care + Dealing with PPD & PPA – Sarah Sushchyk

During Sarah’s second pregnancy and birth experience, she made significant changes in her healthcare providers and hospital preferences, transitioning from a regular OB practice to a midwifery group. With the support of an amazing doula and her husband, she had a truly redemptive birth experience. Sarah reached 41+1 weeks before inducing contractions through pumping, a method she reconsidered after reviewing the KYO inductions class, after initially resigning herself to another induction. Although her goal was to avoid an epidural, her long labor led her to opt for one after utilizing nitrous oxide for pain management and she peacefully delivered at 41+2 weeks. Her baby, Ellison, had consistently measured big throughout the pregnancy and weighed 10lbs 2oz at birth. Sarah received slight pressure to consider a C-section around 40+6 due to Ellison’s size, but her midwife wasn’t overly concerned as her previous child, Grace, was 9lbs 2oz, and she had no complications during that birth.

Breastfeeding went smoothly this time, and Sarah’s recovery was easier compared to her previous experience. Unexpectedly, she started experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety (PPD/PPA) around 9 weeks postpartum. This was a surprising development for Sarah, as she didn’t encounter such issues after her first child. Seeking pharmacological treatment proved immensely helpful in alleviating her symptoms and aiding her mental health during this challenging time.

Sarah Sushchyk Bio

Sarah lives in central Massachusetts with her husband, Joe, 3-year-old Grace, almost 1 year old Ellison and their fur -baby Cooper. You can connect with Sarah on Instagram @ssushhythoms



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