849| Planned Homebirth after Two Unmedicated Hospital Births and Multiple Early Miscarriages – Kelly Martin

Kelly’s first pregnancy in 2017 sadly ended in a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. Her second pregnancy almost 8 months later was also a missed miscarriage, ending in a blighted ovum at 7 weeks in early 2018. After a round of genetic testing that came back completely normal, her OB determined the back to back miscarriages to be a fluke, and 6 weeks later she became pregnant with their first daughter. At 26 weeks pregnant, Kelly was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but through diet and exercise was able to stay low risk and to have the unmedicated hospital delivery she’d hoped for following a membrane sweep at 39 weeks.

Her second baby was also born at 39 weeks, 2 and a half years later at the same hospital during the height of covid restrictions and only 56 minutes after arriving at her hospital room. For her third pregnancy, she decided to switch to a home birth hybrid model of care where she saw both her home birth midwife team and a hospital based midwife practice during her pregnancy. Besides an ER visit to treat acute urinary retention at 15 weeks, she enjoyed a textbook pregnancy. And after weeks of prodromal labor and even a full false alarm, she welcomed their third daughter earth side by way of a dreamy water birth at almost 41 weeks pregnant, 2 years and 1 week exactly after their second baby was born. 

unmedicated hospital birth

Kelly Martin Bio

Kelly and her husband Chad live outside of Atlanta, GA with their 3 daughters Charlotte (almost 5), Claire (2 and a half), and Mabel (almost 7 months old). Kelly is a full time mom to their 3 girls and also works remotely as director of business operations for a boutique marketing agency in Atlanta. She also professionally plans Disney vacations for nearly 100 families each year. In her spare time, she loves baking cookies, singing, yoga and pilates, reading, and girls nights. She and her husband are huge Atlanta Braves fans and love going out for tacos. You can find her on instagram @martinmagicmaker and can message with her on facebook as well.


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