845| Empowering Pregnancy, Positive Hospital Birth, followed by Postpartum Depression and Rage – Mary Sandner

When Mary found out she was pregnant, her priority was to find a supportive and educational prenatal yoga community, and a doula. With these tools she experienced an empowering pregnancy that she enjoyed and embraced. At almost 40 weeks her doctor recommended an induction due to polyhydraminos diagnosis. Mary’s water ended up breaking after an induction massage, and she felt confident  about her hospital birth plan. Early labor was long for her, but active labor was quicker. Shortly after starting the epidural she felt the urge to push and her baby boy was out in three pushes. Even though her pregnancy and birth were good experiences, she had a rough start to postpartum, struggling with rage and depression. Working with a sleep training consultant for her baby, and seeking counseling herself, she was able to overcome these feelings. 


Mary Sandner Bio

Mary (29) and her boyfriend Aidan live in Buffalo, NY. She is a licensed clinical social worker working in a community mental health agency supporting adults with mental illness. You can follow her on instagram at @mary_sandner. 


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