832| Long Epidural Birth followed by Surprise Homebirth + Postpartum Anxiety and Depression – Adina Olsen

Adina got pregnant with her first baby in 2017, and her daughter was born after a long hospital birth that included an epidural and other interventions to help labor move along. Shortly after birth she developed postpartum anxiety and depression, amid breastfeeding issues and challenges with insomnia. Her second baby was born in May 2020, shortly after the pandemic began. She planned another hospital birth, however her son’s labor progressed much faster than her first and he was unexpectedly born at home with assistance from her doula. She struggled again with postpartum anxiety and depression, but was able to push through breastfeeding challenges and establish a successful nursing relationship.

Adina Olsen Bio

Adina lives in the Bay Area, California with her husband of 10 years and her two children Adriana (5) and Atlin (3). She is currently pregnant with her third baby. Connect with her on Facebook at Adina Olsen.


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