830| Cesarean Birth after Surprise Preeclampsia & Placental Abruption – Corinne Tate

Corinne went into labor in the evening of the 29th of August with light contractions and decided to sleep for strength in her labor. The next morning Corinne woke up around 7am still in early labor and decided to shower since she’d probably give birth that day. In the shower, fresh blood started coming out of her, enough to scare her. She called the midwife who, advised her to go the hospital, where she was admitted and found out she had preeclampsia which caused a placental abruption. After hours of being put on multiple medications to lower blood pressure and trying to progress labor naturally, at 3am on August 31st Corinne was induced with Pitocin. The next morning Corinne experience more bleeding and no progress in labor which gave her two options, break her waters or Caesarian. Since Corinne didn’t want the situation to become even more dangerous, she had a Cesarean. Which saved her life and baby Rowan. 

Corinne Tate Bio 

Corinne is 25 years old, living in Washington State with her Husband Javan, baby Rowan (who just turned one), their two cats, and 7 chickens. Corinne loves her family, church community, holistic living, and good coffee. Corinne always wanted to be a mom, so she is busy living her dream with her sweet little family. Instagram @corinnemwallace 


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