825| 2nd Unmedicated Hospital Birth and Positive Postpartum – Rachael DeGraffenried

Rachael’s first birth was a 9 hr unmedicated labor and delivery, but then two months later she had two craniotomies to remove a subdural hematoma. Despite that jarring postpartum experience, she was eager to have another baby, so right around her daughter’s first birthday Rachael and Zane were excited to find out they were pregnant again. Once again, Rachael had a very straightforward, easy (as easy as possible) pregnancy. She was excited to give birth in the same hospital with an OB/midwife practice, but this time she wanted to use a doula to have more experienced support. At 39+2, Rachael started to have cramps and pretty quickly they left for the hospital. When they arrived she was already 6cm dilated, and they quickly set up the labor and delivery room with twinkle lights and started playing the hypno birthing tracks. After an intense labor, Willow was born at 10:18pm after just 7 hrs. The first night in the hospital was difficult but the rest of postpartum was very restful and sweet. 

Rachael DeGraffenried Bio

Rachael is 32 years old and lives in Western Colorado with her husband Zane and two daughters, Juniper (3) and Willow (1). Rachael stays home with her crazy girls and Zane is a software engineer. She also teaches a mom fitness class at the local rec center and line-dancing at a local watering hole. 



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