823| Two Unmedicated Hospital Births, Vaginal Footling Breech Delivery and Vanishing Twin Syndrome – Katy Gespass

Katy and her husband Andy welcomed their first daughter in February 2020, just before the world shut down. An uncomplicated and mostly unremarkable pregnancy, followed by a dreamy 3+ weeks early, mild, precipitous labor and unmedicated birth, led Katy to believe her story wasn’t “birth hour” worthy! That all changed when she got pregnant for the second time and experienced a vanishing twin and the surviving twin flipped between breach to head down throughout the pregnancy. Confirmed head down by the OB that morning, they arrived at the hospital an hour after contractions began (and less than 30 minutes before baby Lena arrived) when the OB resident said there were feet hanging out of the vagina. Lena’s head was stuck in the birth canal for 5-7 minutes and was pulled out by the OB not breathing and with a dangerously low heart rate. Miraculously she only spent 2 days in the NICU and came home as perfect as could be. Connect with Katy @carolglawrence on Instagram.


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