811| Unmedicated VBA2C Birth Story with Gentle Induction + Postpartum Depression Discussion – Anna Buchholtz

After the birth of her first son ended in an unplanned C-section, Anna knew she would be trying for a VBAC with future babies, and found a team of doulas and providers to help support her in achieving her goals.  While her second labor was long and hard-fought, it ultimately ended in another C-section.  With more intentional birth preparation and support throughout pregnancy and labor, Anna eventually welcomed her third baby via a VBA2C the day before Thanksgiving, and found peace with all three of her births in the process.

Anna Buchholtz Bio

Anna is a healthcare consultant living in Virginia with her husband, Matt; their three sons, Elliott, Tristan, and Adrian; and their standard poodle, Sloopy.  In her spare time, Anna enjoys scouring Instagram for hand-dyed yarn (for knitting, crocheting, and more recently Tunisian crochet projects), and riding the Peloton, her most prized pandemic-induced purchase.  You can follow Anna on Instagram @anna.leigh.knits, on the Peloton leaderboard at AnnaBu015, or find her on Facebook (Anna Leigh Buchholtz).


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