786| Pandemic C-Section Birth Due to Fibroid Complications – A-K Gloe-Thordin

After her wife carried and birthed their first child, A-K got pregnant pretty quickly just before COVID shutdowns took effect in the US. This was part of the reason for choosing a homebirth midwife, who provided in-home visits throughout pregnancy. COVID, the Floyd uprisings, and an unexpected pregnancy complication contributed to a lot of anxiety during pregnancy.

The 20 week anatomy scan showed both a healthy fetus, as well as two large uterine fibroids that had developed during pregnancy. The larger fibroid was displacing the cervix preventing baby’s access to the birth canal as well as causing baby to switch constantly between head down and transverse positions. A c-section birth was confirmed as the only viable birthing option at a follow up visit with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, recommended for week 39. 

During the c-section scheduling appointment the following week with a new care team, the doctor emphasized the increased risk of hemorrhage and potential for an emergency hysterectomy. An unplanned ultrasound showed the umbilical cord was coiled on top of the cervix and the new providers feared a cord prolapse. A-K was asked to go home and pack and return for overnight monitoring with surgery scheduled for the following afternoon. A-K went into labor overnight as well, and she was joined the next day by her wife and doula, who were luckily both allowed in the OR due to recent COVID protocol updates.

After a prolonged difficulty in placing the spinal during surgery prep, A-K was overcome with emotion and grateful when her wife could finally join her in the OR. Despite the increased risks associated with fibroids and a minor scare with a heart arrhythmia, the surgery was successful and their second daughter, Zora, was born healthy at 37w6d.

A-K Gloe-Thordin Bio

A-K and her wife Kristy live in Minneapolis where they’re raising their two children, Luna and Zora, and their animals Avocado, Sol, and Franki.  Connect with her on Instagram: @akgloethordin


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