781| Three Cesarean Births in Ecuador: Dealing with Uncertainty and CMV in Pregnancy – Nina Solah

Nina shares 3 c-section birth stories. Each different: One with restricted growth and blood type incompatibility scare, a second attempted VBAC with a CMV diagnosis, and a final smooth going pregnancy (well deserved after the first 2 adventures!). They all take place in Ecuador and involve adventures of trying to find tests and medicine that were temporarily unavailable in the country as well as having to travel to the US for consults. She talks about how her father’s passing was important in her decision to have children and how being a working mom motivates her to be the best mom she can. 

Nina Solah Bio

Nina is 37 years old and mom to 3 handsome boys (ages 4 months, 3 years old and 6 years old). She is happily married and lives in Ecuador where all 3 boys were born. She studied at Yale and returned to live in Ecuador where she works full time as marketing manager for a retail company. She loves to read, run, and figure skate. She has a passion for evidence based medicine. You can connect with her on IG  @nina_solah 


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