768| Finding Sobriety after PPD/PPA Following Covid Birth + Redemptive Twin Birth – Madelyn Morris

After two years of trying to get pregnant, Madelyn was eventually diagnosed with PCOS and began fertility treatment. With the aid of a trigger shot and timed intercourse, Madelyn became pregnant, and gave birth to her first son in June 2020. Her pregnancy was uncomplicated and joyful. As a trained doula, Madelyn had prepared for an unmediated hospital birth. Despite her preparation, a prolonged labor ultimately resulting in a C-section left Madelyn feeling exhausted and out of control. Immediately following birth, Madelyn felt overwhelmed and highly anxious. In the first months postpartum, depression and anxiety coalesced around an increasingly fraught relationship with alcohol and the isolation of early COVID quarantines. Intrusive thoughts creeped in. As the months passed, her drinking became more frequent and secretive, and her relationships with those closest to her began to fray. With the assistance of therapy, medication and intensive  outpatient rehabilitation, Madelyn was able to take control of her mental health and find sobriety. A profound period of introspection and healing followed.

In Spring 2022, Madelyn and her husband decided they wanted to try for a second baby. They were pleasantly surprised when Madelyn became pregnant only two months later and even more surprised when they discovered she was pregnant with twins!

Like her first, Madelyn’s second pregnancy was uncomplicated and joyful; although physically more challenging. Due to the babies’ positioning, a VBAC was not an option and a planned C-section at 38 weeks became an incredibly redemptive birth experience for Madelyn. In the three weeks since the birth of the twins, Madelyn is grateful to report that her postpartum experience has been completely different from her first. 

Madelyn Morris Bio

Madelyn is a mom to three. Her first son, Leo was born June 2020 and her twins, Juniper and Elias, were born December 2022. Madelyn and her husband, Andrew, have been married almost 8 years. Madelyn is originally from Utah, but she and her family currently reside in Chicago, IL. Madelyn is a family law attorney. Connect with her on FB or instagram by searching for Madelyn Morris.



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